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2 billion was moved at a cost of $0.42

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Relax, CZ is not running away with all the funds, it is a hack of it, it probably can happen but it is not this time!

The movement of Binance that occurred this morning of November 28 is what can generally be called an internal movement. This can occur for various reasons, which can be fund management, security, or change of procedures, a reorganization of funds (which seems to us the most likely), this is common for an exchange and should not alarm. At the same time it does not stand for an accumulation, it does not indicate a hack or anything else.

TX :

It is obvious that such a major movement generates alertness, and on this the exchanges should make an effort to avoid alarming users. All it would take is for an exchange to warn with a tweet a few minutes beforehand, and unnecessary controversy and alarm would be avoided.

The only really noteworthy news in all this hubbub is what has escaped almost all users and/or analysts, namely the transaction cost, the fees paid.

2 billion was moved at a cost of $0.42, don’t you find that interesting? 🙂

Bitcoin is still alive!

Thank you Satoshi

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