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50 bitcoin mined in 2010 moved

A dormant address from 2010 has just been moved.

As we can see from the dormant address chart, 1000 dormant bitcoins were moved today.

Among these 1,000 bitcoins, 50 caught the eye. These 50 bitcoins have been standing still since May 2010, more than 12 years.

These bitcoins have been mined and have no previous history, until now.

Source screenshot :

The address is : 1LB8BHdaRjeRsxz8SqiAFFQLjXkzCKsgvX

The transaction was sent to a temporary address, and then to an address containing 25 bitcoin on June 23, 2022, a sign that it is most likely an entity that purchased over the counter (OTC, off exchanges or with exchanges acting as a middleman); these are typical movements of entities, small or large, that accumulate over the long term.

Bitcoin that have no previous transaction history are very attractive to institutional entities, banks, states, companies, this is because it frees them from any possibility of abnormal transactions. Generally these bitcoin have different prices, often higher than market prices.

This transaction does not currently appear to be sent to a known exchange address.


14 November 2022

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