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Is it a Bitcoin accumulation or is it a Bank Run ?

Is it a real BTC accumulation or is it a rush to withdraw the money ?

November 13, 2022 More than 58,000 Bitcoin have gone out in the past 7 days, one of the weeks with the highest number of bitcoin gone out. Outflows not seen in many months.

Bitcoin Netflow Report – 13/November/2022 09:27 UTC

The 4H rolling graph shows an exponential increase in outflows as soon as the rush to exit FTX began.

Bitcoin Netflow H4 Rolling – 13/November/2022 09:01 UTC

A great help comes to us from Onchain data in its completeness Historically, addresses over 100 and 1K Bitcoin are from large funds and Big investors.

Both have been declining for the last 30 days, and in the last week there has been no increase

Addresses greater than 100 Bitcoin
Addresses greater than 1k Bitcoin

In opposite, very small portfolios are in vertical increase Use your head, make your own assessments, use our free and independent data.

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