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Accumulation in progress?

Analysis on addresses over 10k Bitcoin

Are Institutions and Funds Accumulating Bitcoin ?

Is it true what onchain services and people are currently stating, that INSTITUTIONAL and FUNDS are accumulating Bitcoin?

This is a partial analysis, in fact we are only going to deep dive on wallet above 10k BTC (>$200m), since those are the most representative ones for possible accumulation of Funds and Institutionals

NOW we have 101 wallet with balance greater than 10k

Addresses greater than 10k bitcoin

Addresses with #BTC balances greater than 10k are 20% of the total circulating. Chart showing distribution of Exchange, Hack & Confiscated, old holders.

Considering wallet with a balance greater than #1k Bitcoin the trend is even declining, so those greater than 10k are key

As can be seen most of the wallet above 10k are now bitcoin in the hands of exchange and only a tiny fraction are Holder Fund-Institutional. Only 4% are effective accumulation of the total above 10k

With this data can we talk about accumulation?

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